Release 29.09.2023

Update Date: 29.09.2023

App name: Marketplace

What's new:

  • Added filtering in User Marketplace, Games, and Assets by chain type.

  • Disabled Multiple Deposits when creating Buy Now Auctions for ERC721 standard tokens.

  • Introduced a new category for created NFT Meta Assets: 'Simracing'.

  • Added a new view in Assets Explorer called 'Newest Assets'. This view is accessible from the menu and when sorting assets by 'Latest'. In the thumbnail view, we display information related to the number of newly created assets visible in the upper left corner of the thumbnail. It shows the number of assets created by a specific user, the chain, and the asset protocol.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the name issue when a user had an empty status. When accessing the User page in Asset Wishlist, it incorrectly indicated that there were no added games, rather than NFT assets.

  • Resolved an issue where newly created tags were not displaying in subcategories when creating NFT Meta Assets.

  • Disabled the ability to set Royalty for tokens based on the Polygon platform (this feature will be revisited in the future).

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