Release 12.12.2023

Update Date: 12.12.2023

App name: Marketplace

What's New:

  • Redesigned the appearance of modals when finalizing "Bidding Auctions." Improved communication to users about what they will receive after finalizing the auction.

  • Slightly improved the performance of loading certain elements on the page.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue on the dashboard where, after changes were made on the main page, the main banner stopped displaying for a certain period.

  • Adjusted the platform sizes when an asset was assigned to a platform (previously, one platform had a significantly larger size than the others).

  • Corrected the issue where, when creating an auction as a team, it didn't display the preview of the mp4 file during the creation stage and on the auction card itself.

  • Fixed the size of gallery elements on the Asset and Auction cards. Rectified the bug where, on Asset Explorer -> Newest Assets, avatars and usernames were not displayed.

  • Fixed the error when directly selecting a subcategory from the menu (it added the main category to the filters, causing all assets from that main category to be displayed). Adjusted the user account sharing button. The clickable area now covers the entire element, not just the icon.

  • Fixed an issue with text highlighting when being on a user's profile on the Assets -> Favorites/ Wishlist tab and expanding the list again

  • Corrected the problem with the overlay of game card banner elements when expanding the menu.

  • Improved data loading on Games Explorer (previously, during loading, it refreshed the page, and users had to scroll from the top again).

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