Referral Panel

Referral system implemented on BSC Network only at the moment

Referral panel is a feature that allows users to earn money by referring auctions of different creator to their network.

The referral system tracks all purchases made through a user's referral link and calculates their referral fee. Users can view their referral earnings in the referral panel, which provides a detailed breakdown of their referrals and earnings.

The referral panel can be used to earn money by referring auctions of different artists to their network. Users can promote their referral link on social media, blogs, or other online platforms to reach a wider audience and maximize their earnings. The more people who make a purchase through a user's referral link, the more money they will earn.

Overall, the referral panel is a great way for users to earn money by sharing auctions with their network and promoting the work of their favorite artists.


Person A has a structure with 3 referral wallets:

Level 1 (Person X)

Level 2 (Person Y)

Level 3 (Person Z)

If Person Z buys an NFT for $100 using Person Y referral link, then:

Person Y will receive 8% of the sale price ($8)

Person X will receive 4% of the sale price ($4)

Person A will receive 3% of the sale price ($3)

Referral Panel is divided into three elements:

pageRegister your downlinepageDownline walletspageMy referral link

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