Created assets

This function enables you to view all the assets that you have created yourself (minted by you)

This function allows you to view all of the assets that you have created yourself, assets that you have minted. Minting refers to the process of creating a new digital asset on a blockchain network, such as an NFT. By using this function, you can easily keep track of all the NFTs that you have created and manage them accordingly. This can be particularly useful for artists, creators, or collectors who frequently create and sell digital assets. With this function, you can monitor the performance of your NFTs, adjust pricing, and update metadata.

Even if you have created and sold your NFT to someone else, you will still be able to see it here. This is because it may be a case of royalty that is due to you if the item gets sold once again.

Each of your NFTs has a Royalty button attached to it


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