Release 08.11.2023

Update Date: 08.11.2023

App name: Marketplace

What's New:

  • Removed RAMP (the option to purchase coins).

  • Eliminated restrictions for app keys; there's no longer a requirement to add an asset to a game's collection to display the APP KEY.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where, if you had previously approved a transaction, it wouldn't appear a second time even if you wanted to purchase a token for a higher amount. For example, if you initially purchased a token for 100 BUSD and approved the contract for that amount, later, if you attempted to buy a different token of the same auction type for 200 BUSD, you couldn't do so because you received a message stating you had insufficient funds.

  • Improved the information displayed in the finalization modal, detailing what each participant (bidder) would receive after finalization.

  • Enhanced the display of the finalization modals for INS and Buy Now to be more mobile-friendly.

  • Addressed an issue where the application would crash when assigning an asset to an application. This occurred when the asset was created before the option to add metadata was introduced.

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