Import app key

How to get Private App Key

In order to get your private app key, you will need to follow a few steps.

Visit and click Connect.

Connect with one of our available wallet providers.

However we recommend using our metapro wallet.

Open metapro wallet Mobile App on your phone and scan QR code. If you donโ€™t have metapro wallet you can download it by clicking blue Download button on the site.

Continue in your wallet - Click Chain icon > Connect.

Click on Developer Portal

Show app key

You can only get the app key after you add the first asset!

Copy your app key

Use this key in Unity Plugin.

Copy the visible app key and paste it into the Metapro SDK window in Unity.

Inside the metaproSDK editor window you can also choose which chain you want the game to connect to. Currently available chains are BNB and BNB testnet. If you choose testnet then in all runtime screens the player will see the โ€œTestnetโ€ indicator image.

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