Release 21.07.2023

Update date: 21.07.2023

App Name: Metapro Marketplace

What's new:

  • During the creation/editing of photos in the Game, we have added information about the recommended dimensions for the photo's height and width (1500x660px).

  • Improved the view for Users Explorer by implementing a filter view similar to the Marketplace and Asset Explorer.

  • Replaced paging with infinite scrolling on the Games Explorer.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the Buy modal was expanding if the asset name was too long.

  • Corrected the height of thumbnails in the slideshow on the Dashboard, specifically under the trending Auction element.

  • Standardized the behavior of filters on Asset Explorer, User Profile Assets tab, and Game Card (asset in this game) section. Subcategories will not expand by default after selecting the main category.

  • Added the missing Loaders for User Profile in the Assets tab.

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