Displaying Data for Unlogged Users

In this section, we explore the functionalities and information available to users who are not logged into the platform. Even without authentication, unlogged users can access specific data and insights, enhancing their overall experience.

Data Available for Unlogged Users:

  1. Viewing Others' Owned Assets:

    • Unlogged users have the ability to explore and view the contents of assets owned by other players. This feature promotes engagement by allowing users to browse the variety of in-game possessions.

  2. Monitoring Ongoing Auctions:

    • The platform provides unlogged users with visibility into current auctions initiated by other players. This includes details on items for sale, facilitating an understanding of the dynamic in-game marketplace.

  3. Unique Content Previews:

    • Unlogged users gain access to previews of unique and upcoming in-game assets. This could include a sneak peek at items available in upcoming tournaments or exclusive content for purchase, such as access to new maps, bosses, spells, or other exciting features.

  4. User Activity Feed (Blockchain-centric):

    • Leveraging the transparency of blockchain technology, unlogged users can explore the activity feed of specific users. This provides insights into the actions and interactions of players within the game environment, enhancing transparency and community engagement.

Why It Matters:

  • Community Engagement:

    • By offering unlogged users a glimpse into the assets, auctions, and activities of others, the platform promotes community engagement. This transparency fosters interest and encourages users to consider joining the platform for a more immersive experience.

  • Teaser for Unique Content:

    • Providing previews of unique and upcoming content entices unlogged users, sparking curiosity and potentially motivating them to create an account for full access to these exclusive features.

Note: Some features may have limited functionality for unlogged users, and the complete experience is unlocked upon user authentication.

This section aims to elucidate the ways in which the platform engages unlogged users, offering them a taste of the vibrant in-game community and enticing content available to fully registered players.

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