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Create team function is a feature that allows users to register their teams on a metapro market. This feature enables users to easily create and manage teams by providing necessary details such as team name, description, and social profiles. The team creation process involves providing information through our user interface.

Upload Avatar and Upload Cover Image are options that allow teams to personalize their profile on a metapro market.

Upload Avatar feature is the option to upload logo that represents team, used as a profile picture. This image is displayed alongside the account name and is visible to other users on the market. Recommended avatar dimensions: 1080 x 1080 px.

Upload Cover Image feature is the option to upload a larger image that is used as a background image for the profile page. This image is used to visually express the profile brand and can help to make profile stand out and be more attractive to other users. Recommended cover image dimensions: 1920 x 280 px.

Both options are important for users who want to make their profile look more personalized and visually appealing. This can help to create a strong brand and identity on the platform and can also help users to connect with others who share similar interests or values.

Team name and Team description are options that allow users to customize their team profile on metapro market.

Team name feature is the company name, which is displayed on the team's profile and is used to identify the team to other users on the platform. A team name should be chosen carefully to reflect the nature and purpose of the team, and it should be clear, concise, and memorable.

Team description feature is a short summary of the team's purpose, goals, and values. This description can help users to understand what the team is all about and can attract new members who share similar interests or goals. A good team description should be clear, informative, and engaging, and it should accurately convey the essence of the team and what it stands for.

Both options are important for teams that want to create a strong and cohesive identity on the platform. They can help to attract new members, communicate the team's purpose and goals, and create a sense of belonging and community among team members.

Social profiles feature allows team to connect account with social media profiles on other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

By linking your social media accounts, you can share your activity on the platform with your friends and followers on other social networks.

Overall, the social profiles option help to increase engagement, visibility, and user acquisition on a platform, by leveraging the power of social networks to connect users and promote content.

If all the required information has been entered, the "create team" function becomes available.

This allows you to create a new team with the specified team name and team description, and to upload an avatar and cover image if desired.

You can now create app in order to list your game on the metapro market.

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