Connect wallet + web3 login

In order to connect wallet to metapro market, you will need to follow a few steps.
First, you will need to visit and click Connect.
Connect with one of our available wallet providers or create a new one. You can log in using any web3 wallet.
These are for example:
  • metapro
  • Metamask
  • Trust Wallet
  • or other supporting the WalletConnect protocol
However we recommend using our metapro wallet.
Open metapro wallet Mobile App on your phone and scan QR code. If you don’t have metapro wallet you can download it by clicking blue D​ownload button on the site.
Once downloaded please follow this instruction on how to set up new metapro wallet.
Continue in your wallet. Click Chain icon > Connect.
You will see green circle around chain once connected!
Once your wallet is connected, you will need to login to web3. This require you to approve the connection between your wallet and the platform, which may involve signing a transaction using your wallet. Click Web3 login.
Now Sign on your wallet and confirm with 6-digit PIN Code.
You are now connected and logged into web3.
Once your wallet is connected to the Web3 platform, you can use it to access and interact with the platform, including participating in NFT auctions. You may need to log in to the platform using your wallet, and you may also need to approve transactions or other actions using your wallet.