Release 17.11.2023

Update Date: 17.11.2023

App name: Marketplace

What's New:

  • User-service: Added the ability to filter users by engagement points in the user-service endpoint ".../profiles" using "sort[engagementPoints]=asc/desc"

pageUsers service
  • Engagement Points: Introduced an engagement points system. Currently, points are awarded for completing profiles, with plans to expand the system to include other activities such as creating tokens in the future.

  • Protocol Icons: Added icons for the Metarrior, Legends of Elysium, and Playermon protocols.

Bug Fixes:

  • Referral Panel: Fixed a bug in the referral panel where correct addresses were highlighted in red, suggesting an error in the address.

  • Auction Label Name: Fixed a minor bug with displaying the auction label name on the User Marketplace.

  • Loader in Asset Explorer: Added a loader indicating data loading when entering the Asset Explorer.

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