3. Add meta asset

In this step you set the parameters of the meta asset

✔ This section allow you to select meta asset type

A 2D meta asset refers to a 2-dimensional digital asset used in game development or other digital media production. It can include various types of elements, such as characters, backgrounds, animations, icons, textures, and user interface (UI) components. These assets are usually created by graphic designers and artists using specialized software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Sketch. Meta assets can be reused across multiple projects, which helps save time and effort in the development process.

✔ This section allow you to add meta asset files

Please note supported files!

Total max size: 200 MB

✔ This section allow you to fill out information regarding the uploaded asset. Depending on the type of asset, you will be asked to fill in different information..

✔ This section allow you to choose Licence and Restriction for your NFT asset

Licence types:

A royalty-free license is a type of license that allows the buyer to use certain intellectual property, such as images, music, or videos, without having to pay royalties or usage fees for each use or copy. This means that once a buyer has purchased a royalty-free license, they can use the licensed content for an unlimited number of times, in multiple projects, and without additional payments.

Restriction types:

Public meta asset enables NFT owners and potential buyers to easily obtain information about NFT tokens, which in turn increases transparency and trust among users. NFT owners can also use metadata to promote their works and encourage their purchase by presenting interesting facts, stories, or inspirations related to the artwork or other object represented by the given NFT token.

✔ Once all details have been filled out, please click Continue

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