This package is currently visible only in the developer portal on To get the package go to and follow guides to connect your wallet and login with web3.

When your account is logged you have access to developer portal. Click on dropdown with your wallet address and click on Developer portal button.

To download Unity package click button Download plugin in Unity Plugin section.

WARNING: Before You can import metapro for Unity asset you need to disable Assembly Version Validation in your project. You will find this under Edit > Project Settings > Player > Other Settings > Configuration.

If You happen to import metapro for Unity package before disabling that option itโ€™ll be required to reimport assets. Go to Assets > Reimport All and in the popup window click the Reimport button.

To install asset you can follow official Unity guide:

In the project you want to import an asset package choose: Assets > Import Package > Custom Package. In a file browser locate downloaded metapro asset .unitypackage file - select it and click Open.

The Import Unity Package window will appear. Make sure that every file has a checkmark and will be imported. Click the Import button and wait until all files are loaded and compiled.

To assure that the package is imported correctly check the existence of folders Augumented Life Studio LLC and WC under Assets folder in your project. Second step to check is to look on the top bar of the Unity window and check if there is a tab called Tools that contains the Metapro SDK Setup button.

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