Side panel

As soon as you log in to web3, the metapro side panel will appear on the right-hand side of the screen.

You can also call this panel by clicking on the wallet icon in the upper right corner.

But on mobile devices, you have to open the Menu item in the top left corner and click the "Wallet" button

Below you will find a detailed description of each of the functionalities that you will find in this panel.

  1. This function shows the chain you are connected with.

  2. This function shows your wallet.

  3. This function shows the wallet you are connected with.

  4. This function allows you to log out.

  5. This function shows your total balance.

  6. This function allows you to refresh your wallet balance.

  7. This function allows you to Buy Crypto with your Bank Card.

  8. We display tokens from three chains and your balance because the market is being prepared to work on multiple chains.

  9. We display your last 3 NFT tokens, but you can access all of your NFT by clicking on the Profile tab.

  10. This function allow you to transfer your NFT

  11. This function allow you to sell your NFT

  12. This function allow you to see all your collected NFT

Transfer NFTSell NFT

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