Auction Card

Auction card - contains information about a specific NFT item that is put up for auction.

Auction card explanation

โœ” This section allow you to see details like:

Shows the name or wallet address of the person who minted the NFT

โœ” This section allow you to see details like:

Royalty is a percentage of a tokenโ€™s price sent to a creator and royalty members after each sale transaction involving the token.

Promote - This option allows you to generate your own referral link and share it. This feature is designed to promote the sale of NFTs listed by other users. Each time a sale of such an NFT occurs through the generated link you will receives a commission. The commission is determined by the seller and is contingent upon the seller having set this option in the auction.

In this scenario, the auction creator has established three levels of referral bonuses, each with a different percentage. Alongside these percentages, you can observe their corresponding values in BUSD.

โœ” This section displays the NFT token together with Sound Asset if applicable

โœ” This section allow you to see auction panel and interact with this auction

Buy Now or Make a Bid or Place Order โ€“ depending on the type of auction you are participating in.

โœ” This section allow you to see NFT description

โœ” This section allow you to check asset card

โœ” This section allow you to see activities

This section provide you with an overview of all the marketplace blockchain transactions made on this NFT asset. This function can be especially useful for individuals who want to track the movement of digital assets or review their transaction history for tax or accounting purposes. The interface displays a chronological list of all the transactions associated with this NFT asset.

โœ” This section allow you to see Games used this NFT meta asset

If you select the game and click on it, it will take you to the game card

โœ” This section allow you to see Market options for this NFT asset

INS is an auction system that can be compared to Launchpad, aimed at game developers as a tool for raising funds for development, which is why we directed it to the game card. INS is an offer to sell NFT meta asset tokens, which is limited in time and applies to a specific number of items. The seller sets the minimum and maximum number of tokens that are subject to the offer and the time when the offer is available. If fewer items are sold than the minimum limit during the offer, buyers will be able to withdraw their funds. If the quantity is higher, the tokens will be sent to the sellers. The upper sale limit of NFT meta assets must not be exceeded.

Buy Now auction is primarily aimed at trading assets from the secondary market, or without parameters, making it a typical fixed-price sales system. Affiliate fulfillment and all distribution occur immediately after purchase.

Auction selling refers to a method of selling goods where potential buyers bid against each other to secure the purchase.

By clicking on the small arrow next to the "See auction" button, you can view the previous auction bidders and their respective bids.

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