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This option allows users to browse various games & apps that have registered and are currently visible on the metapro market. Users can easily search and download both free and paid games and applications from different categories. It also offers user ratings and reviews, making it possible to choose the best games and applications.

Additionally, users can sort the games & apps based on their registration date, with the option to view the latest or oldest games & apps first. This sorting feature makes it easier for users to find the games & apps they are looking for and to stay up-to-date with the latest additions to the platform.

Whether you are looking to collaborate with a game & app or simply want to stay informed about the latest developments in the industry, this location provides a comprehensive overview of all the registered games & apps. With the ability to sort by registration date, users can quickly find the most relevant games & apps and stay on top of the latest trends and developments in the field.

Game filters allow display a list of games that best suit your needs. These filters allow users to sort games by category, app status and engine.

A game card on the metapro market is a place where you can browse web3 games and applications on various platforms such as PC, console or mobile devices. On the game card, you can find information about a particular title, such as:

  • game name

  • game photos, screenshots, videos, or other visual assets

  • developer details

  • platforms on which the game is available

  • engine the game is built on

  • game release date

  • development status

  • category

This allows you to learn more about the game and decide if it is a game that interests you.

Further down the page you will find game description where you will be able to read a summary or overview of the game. This description may include information about the game's plot, characters, setting, gameplay mechanics, features, and other relevant details. Description is to provide potential players with a clear understanding of what the game is about and what they can expect from it. By reading the game description, players can decide whether or not the game is of interest to them and whether they would like to play it.

It is important to connect assets to the application because during auctions they are visible from the game's tab.

This is significant for the affiliate system, as the game tab serves as a collective page for all and only their auctions.

Next section will show you which meta assets this game is utilizing. This part provide information about the specific digital meta assets that are used to create the game's environment or world. NFT meta assets refer to the digital assets that are used to create the game world or environment, but are not directly part of the gameplay itself. These assets can include things like textures, 3D models, sound effects, music, animations, and more.

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