Release 12.09.2023

Update Date: 12.09.2023

App name: Marketplace

What's New:

  • Added the ability to list items for sale (Buy Now Auctions) for Polygon tokens based on the ERC721 and ERC1155 standards.

  • Important! Currently, Polygon Buy Now Auctions DO NOT have a referral system.

  • Compared to BNB, transactions on Polygon are much more congested, and sometimes network issues can occur. To address this, we have added a new modal that informs about network congestion with a link to the specific transaction for more precise tracking of the ongoing event. (When an error appears, your created auction or purchase will be visible on your profile in the "Activities" tab within 5 minutes).

  • We have also changed the way contract addresses are loaded on our marketplace.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the operation of Buy Now auctions when the auction operator disables the option for multiple token purchases. The Buy Now button changes to disabled, and any error message on the page now clearly indicates the reason for rejecting the transaction.

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