2. Setup metadata

In this step you set the metadata for the NFT token

✔ This section allow you to create a new collection or choose an existing one.

The Collection field is an additional parameter in metadata and is not required, but it can significantly enhance the value of the game. Collections are used when there is a need to differentiate between various types of items, characters, or other resources in the game. For example, if you're creating a fantasy game, collections can help label different types of weapons, such as swords, bows, or shields. This allows players to easily identify, collect, and utilize various types of items.

✔ This section allow you to add properties to your asset.

Similar to collections, Properties are not mandatory, but they are incredibly useful. Properties enable the description of attributes or characteristics of specific characters, items, or other game elements. This can be particularly useful in games where different characters possess unique abilities. For instance, if you're designing a character in an RPG game, properties can describe their skills, like the ability to ride a horse, which sets them apart from other characters.

✔ This section allow you to add levels to your asset.

Levels parameter is optional but plays a crucial role in games, especially when determining access levels to specific weapons or items. Levels allow game developers to control when and at what point players can gain access to certain game elements. For example, regarding weapons, levels can specify when a player gains access to more advanced types of weaponry, influencing the dynamics and difficulty of the gameplay. This allows developers to provide players with challenges and encourage them to continue playing.

✔ This section allow you to add boosts to your asset.

Boosts parameter is an optional attribute for weapons or items that affects their effectiveness in specific situations. In the context of weapons, boosts allow for the customization of a weapon's behavior for different types of opponents or in various game scenarios. For example, a weapon like the "Fire Sword" can deal additional fire damage to monsters, making it effective against them, but it may be less effective against other types of enemies, such as dragons or demons. Boosts add an element of tactics and strategy, enabling players to adapt their choices during gameplay.

✔ Once all details have been filled out, please click Continue

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