Collected assets

This function allow you to see all the NFTs in one place.

This can be especially useful for collectors who have amassed a large number of NFTs from different sources and want to keep track of them in one place. This interface include features such as sorting and filtering options.

When you select a specific NFT, it will direct you to its asset card. The asset card provides a detailed view of the selected NFT, displaying information such as its name, description, creator, date of creation, and any other relevant metadata.

Each NFT has Transfer and Sell buttons, providing users with options to manage and exchange their digital assets.

The Transfer button allows users to send their NFTs to other users, enabling them to exchange assets securely and efficiently. Transferring an NFT requires a small network fee, which varies depending on the platform and blockchain network used.

The Sell button, on the other hand, enables users to put their NFTs up for sale on a marketplace. This can be particularly beneficial for collectors looking to monetize their NFT assets or those seeking to diversify their portfolio.

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