Meta asset

An NFT meta asset is a combination of a file or set of files that can serve as an asset in a game or metaverse apps, along with an NFT token.

The combination is made using a generated bucket hash of the files, which is stored as metadata in the NFT token's URI.

An NFT token in the 1155 standard is minted immediately after the 32kb-sliced files are saved on the metapro storageNODEs. It means files are stored on decentralized databases.

During the process of minting an NFT meta asset, the creator has the ability to add a set of files that represent 2D or 3D objects or music files. The creator can combine these sets to create a 2D/3D asset, 2D music asset or 3D music asset.

In an NFT meta asset creation process, the creator can define parameters that characterize the added files to facilitate the selection of assets for the needs of the game's standard by developers. The parameters of the files are saved as static metadata of the NFT token.

The ERC1155 standard was used to create the NFT token, allowing for the minting of a specified number of tokens (supply) for a unique ID.

NFT meta asset structure

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