Release 07.11.2023

Update Date: 07.11.2023

App name: Marketplace

What's New:

  • Added a button for transaction reversal when a transaction fails or is rejected. This feature allows users to return to the previous step if there are insufficient funds or if they need to correct a mistake. (Note: This feature is currently not implemented for asset creation, but it is under development.)

  • Updated the appearance of the mobile Airdrop view, transforming it into a more mobile-friendly page.

  • Introduced redirections to the Leaderboard and Challenges sections on a game's card page.

  • Created a dedicated "Challenges" page, displaying all the challenges associated with a particular game. This feature provides an overview of all active, upcoming, and past challenges for that game and map.

Bug Fixes:

  • Updated the validation of setting Team Royalty for BNB1155 tokens.

  • Fixed a bug on iOS mobile devices where opening a gallery that included an additional resource (a video file in mp4 format) would automatically play in full-screen mode, even if the user only wanted to view a regular image.

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