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Implementing Meta Assets into Your Game

Step-by-step guidance on integrating NFTs to enhance the gaming experience.

1. Integrate your Meta Asset to your game using Unity

  • Integrate your Meta Asset to your game using Unity Explore a comprehensive guide that outlines the process of seamlessly integrating Meta Assets into your game using Unity.

2. Verify User Tokens Ownership

  • Learn how to verify whether a user possesses a specific token through the API. This step is crucial for authenticating and granting access to in-game assets tied to Meta Assets.

3. Displaying All User-Owned Tokens

  • Understand how to showcase to users the tokens they currently own. Implementing this feature enhances user engagement by providing a transparent overview of their Meta Asset collection.

4. Displaying All Assets Assigned to the Game on the Metapro Market

  • Market Gain insights into displaying all assets assigned to the game on the Metapro Market. This feature allows for a centralized marketplace where players can explore, trade, and engage with a variety of Meta Assets associated with the game.