Release 03.01.2024

Update Date: 03.01.2024

App Name: Marketplace

What's new:

  • Added the ability to use dots as separators in usernames, team names, and game names.

  • Changed the message when a particular asset isn't listed during creation. Instead of an error, users now receive a warning message informing them that the listing took longer than expected. This helps avoid redundant attempts and creating identical Meta Assets.

  • Modified the view of displayed properties on the Meta Asset Card. Tiles are now larger, providing better readability for users.

  • Added an icon for the Medieval Empires protocol.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where, after saving changes to the user profile, it didn't redirect back to the User Profile Page but stayed in the Settings.

  • Resolved a bug on the User Explorer; we couldn't disable a specific filter on the explorer, only through the 'Clear Filters' button.

  • Corrected the color of the browser icon in Game Settings (it was the only one displaying in black).

  • Fixed a bug in team settings related to remembering the YouTube link. When setting a YouTube link, it now displays correctly upon revisiting the team settings.

  • Improved the display of Assets and collections in the User Profile.

  • Adjusted the size of the game engine icon on the game card.

  • Enhanced the addition to the wishlist or favorites for games and meta assets. Added a slight delay to mitigate the visual problem associated with 'subtracting likes' when someone quickly clicked the heart icon.

  • Fixed the loading of Assets when entering collections on the User Profile.

  • Corrected the width of the Buy Now auction summary window; there was a bug where the mobile view was displayed on the computer.

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