Create app

First you must create team.

Here, you can view your team and make any necessary changes by clicking on the notepad icon to access the editing options.

This function enables easy switching between teams if you have more than one team.

Once the team has been created, you can now create app to list your game on the metapro market.

Create app function is a feature that allows users to register their game on metapro market. This feature enables game developers to easily create and manage their games by providing necessary details such as game title, description, and platform compatibility. The app creation process involves providing information through our user interface.

Registration start with preview gallery. A preview gallery is a collection of images, videos, or other media that give potential users a glimpse of what they can expect from the game/app.

File type supported: gif, png, jpg, mp4

max size: 20 MB

Please provide the name of your game/app and compose an engaging description. The description will be included on the app's detail page underneath its image. Markdown syntax is supported.

You should utilize the text formatting option

Text formatting explanation:

To create a heading, add number signs (#) in front of a word or phrase. The number of number signs you use should correspond to the heading level. For example, to create a heading level three (<h3>), use three number signs (e.g., ### My Header).

MarkdownHTMLRendered Output

# Heading level 1

<h1>Heading level 1</h1>

Heading level 1

## Heading level 2

<h2>Heading level 2</h2>

Heading level 2

### Heading level 3

<h3>Heading level 3</h3>

Heading level 3

Once description has been created please Select team.

Choose a team from a list of options that will appear in a drop-down menu on a screen.

Select done once team has been selected.

Now select category.

Please select up to 5 available options.

Please select release date.

Please select the platform where your game is located. You can select more than one if required. If the platform you are looking for is not on the list, you can add it. Additionally, please attach a link to the store so users can find your game quickly.

If the platform you are searching for is not listed, you have the option to add another platform!

Select App/game status. You can choose from:

In development


Please select the engine that your game is on.

Lastly, provide the website of your game and click create app.

You have now created app and your game has been listed on the metapro market.

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