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DEGEN YOUKI is a dynamic arcade game where the goal is to survive as long as possible by jumping over obstacles and winning unique rewards in tournaments. You can personalize your hero by purchasing various outfits with additional bonuses that impact your skills and tournament results.

The Marketplace Game Card of Degen Youki

DEGEN YOUKI serves as a showcase for demonstrating limitations that can be implemented, such as restricted access to certain maps. It also illustrates the value of purchased Meta Assets related to the game, showing how these assets can enhance the gaming experience and offer unique advantages. Explore the boundaries and possibilities within DEGEN YOUKI to uncover the full spectrum of gameplay dynamics.

Key Features:

  1. Jumping Over Obstacles:

    • Immerse yourself in exciting gameplay where jumping over obstacles is crucial to achieving the greatest distance.

  2. Tournaments with Rewards:

    • Participate in thrilling tournaments to win unique tokens, which can later be used to access additional maps and tournaments.

  3. Character Customization:

    • Buy different outfits for your hero, giving him not only a unique appearance but also additional skills useful during jumps.

  4. Game Launcher:

    • Begin your adventure in DEGEN YOUKI by downloading our Game Launcher and experiencing free gameplay on one of the maps. See how far you can go in this exciting arcade game.

    Released Materials: - How to Download the Game Launcher - How to play game on Launcher

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