Install game on launcher

This is the option on the launcher that enables downloading a game. This functionality allows users to acquire the game files from the platform's servers and store them on their local device.

When you select the download option for a specific game, the launcher initiates the process of transferring the necessary game files to your computer. This may involve downloading the entire game or a portion of it.

During the download process, you can typically monitor the progress through a progress bar or percentage indicator. The launcher also provide an estimated time remaining for the download to complete.

Once the download is finished, you will have the option to launch the game directly from the launcher or access it from your installed games library. At this point, you can enjoy the game on your device, as the necessary files have been successfully downloaded and installed.

The download option on the launcher simplifies the process of acquiring and installing games, providing a convenient method for users to access their desired titles.

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