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Displaying All Assets Assigned to the Game on the Metapro Market

In this section, you will familiarize yourself with the process of obtaining information about assets assigned to your game on the Metapro Market. By leveraging the dedicated NFT service and the corresponding API endpoints, you'll learn how to effectively integrate and manage assets associated with your project.
To display specific tokens, we need information about the contract on which the tokens were created (its address) and the IDs of the tokens assigned to our game. Once we have this information, we use the parameter tokens[contractAddress]=tokenId to retrieve the desired token(s). This process enables effective interaction and management of game-related assets through the Metapro Market's dedicated NFT service and API endpoints.
Returns tokens from an app that are owned by a specific User
Example cURL
curl --location ''

For more information about the Endpoints from the NFT Service, use the documentation below