Welcome to the documentation for the MetaproRoyalty contract. This contract plays a pivotal role in the decentralized world of blockchain, offering a mechanism for creators and teams to designate royalties for their digital assets. In this introduction, we will explore the functionalities, uses, and core concepts of the MetaproRoyalty contract.

What is MetaproRoyalty?

MetaproRoyalty is a smart contract designed to establish and distribute royalties among creators, teams, or contributors involved in the creation of specific tokens. Creators often collaborate to craft unique digital assets and seek a fair and transparent method for sharing the proceeds generated from the sale or use of these tokens.

Key Features:

  • Royalty Splitting: Creators can allocate a portion of the proceeds from token sales to individuals or teams involved in its creation. This distribution can be based on preset percentages.

  • Flexibility: MetaproRoyalty is highly flexible, allowing creators to determine the allocation of royalties to contributors, adjust percentages, and maintain a record of royalty beneficiaries.

  • Secure and Trustless: The contract operates on the blockchain, ensuring transparency, security, and immutability. This guarantees that the allocated royalties are faithfully and automatically distributed without the need for intermediaries.

Royalty Distribution:

The MetaproRoyalty contract offers creators the ability to distribute royalties to multiple recipients, such as artists, developers, designers, or any other individuals or teams involved in the creation process. Each beneficiary is assigned a specific percentage of the proceeds when the token is traded, sold, or otherwise used.

Maximum Royalty Fee:

It's important to note that the MetaproRoyalty contract has a maximum fee limit of 10%. Regardless of the number of team members or contributors, the total royalty fee cannot exceed 10% for all users combined. This ensures a balanced and fair distribution of royalties among all parties.

In the subsequent sections of this documentation, you will find detailed information about contract methods, and response examples.

With the MetaproRoyalty contract, creators and their teams can rest assured that their contributions are fairly rewarded, thanks to an efficient and transparent royalty distribution mechanism. This contract embodies the essence of decentralization and empowers creators to maintain control over their creations in the blockchain ecosystem.

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