Welcome to the documentation for the MetaproReferral contract, a powerful tool that enhances the sales process of tokens through a referral system. This section introduces you to the features, functionalities, and concepts surrounding the MetaproReferral contract.

What is MetaproReferral

MetaproReferral is a smart contract designed to create and manage referral systems associated with token auctions. Referral systems prove to be valuable in situations where users discover tokens they don't personally wish to purchase but believe others might find appealing. Instead of letting these opportunities go to waste, users can refer potential buyers to the token. If these referred buyers make a purchase, the referrer receives a commission from the sale, promoting engagement and reward.

Key Features:

  • Referral System: The MetaproReferral contract provides users the option to activate the referral system when initiating a token auction. This feature benefits both creators and users, as creators can boost sales and users can earn commissions.

  • Multi-Level Commissions: Auction creators (operators) can manually set referral commissions for up to three levels. This flexibility allows operators to reward users based on their success in referring buyers to the auction.

  • Total Commission Cap: To ensure a balanced and sustainable referral system, the MetaproReferral contract imposes a cap of 15% of the purchase price for the total referral commission across all levels. This safeguards against excessive referral commissions and encourages fair practices.

Referral Commissions:

With MetaproReferral, auction creators can define referral commissions at multiple levels, stimulating user participation in the referral system. When a referred buyer successfully makes a purchase, a commission is awarded to the referrer, motivating users to actively participate in promoting tokens.

Earning Potential:

The referral system provides an opportunity for users to earn additional income based on their ability to attract buyers to the auction. By engaging with this contract, users can gain a share of the revenue generated from token sales, contributing to a vibrant and rewarding ecosystem.

In the following sections, you will find detailed instructions on how to use the MetaproReferral contract, including setting referral commissions, enabling the referral system, and more. By utilizing this contract, you can harness the power of referrals to optimize token auctions and incentivize users to play an active role in your blockchain project.

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