Release 09.01.2024

Updated Date: 09.01.2024

App Name: Marketplace

What's New:

  • Added a 'toast' notification in the upper right corner of the browser when the network changes. This aims to inform the user about the current network, especially when the wallet has built-in automatic network switching.

  • Modified the blacklisting of tokens and restricted users from creating sales auctions or setting royalties for a token. Now, a token labeled as 'blacklisted' is only visible to the owner.

  • Added the ability to open different kinds of thumbnails in a new browser tab (in the future, we will expand the ability to open individual web elements in a new browser tab).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the display of gallery elements on mobile devices, especially when using Safari. The lower part of the browser elements was overlapping and covering gallery items.

  • Resolved an issue with data refreshing when in the user's collection, adding an asset from the owned or other collections to the wishlist or favorites, and then moving to the favorites or wishlist tab. Previously, the data did not refresh to show the newly added item.

  • Fixed the display of Tag filters on Asset Explorer. After their use, they were not visible on the explorer.

  • Improved the order and loading of data in the token owners table. Previously, after data loading, the data would 'jump,' making it challenging to browse.

  • Corrected the display of the quantity of newly created assets on the Asset Explorer -> Newest Assets tab. Now, it shows both newly created and the current number of assets on the market.

  • Fixed the issue of infinite data loading when entering the Game Card from another protocol as a logged-in user.

  • Adjusted the height of displayed game thumbnails in the game explorer on mobile devices when a game had an mp4 file set as the main image.

  • Fixed the collapsing of the username; previously, collapsing occurred too early, leaving an awkward gap on the right side.

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