Reselling Owned Assets

Explore the benefits for players arising from reselling their assets using our marketplace, as well as the possibility of implementing player-to-player resource sales on their terms. In the following steps, you will learn about the types of auction sales available on our platform.

  1. Economic Empowerment:

    • Reselling owned assets allows players to strengthen their economic position. It enables them to transform virtual items into tangible value, creating a sense of tangible rewards.

  2. Player Autonomy:

    • Our marketplace provides players with autonomy over their assets. By allowing reselling, players gain control over their virtual possessions, deciding when and how to monetize their in-game achievements.

  3. Central Trading Hub for the Community - Metapro Market:

    • The market serves as a central trading hub for the community, fostering interactions among players. It encourages a dynamic economy where players can engage in mutually beneficial transactions, creating a dynamic and interconnected gaming ecosystem.

  4. Motivation for In-Game Achievements:

    • Knowing that in-game achievements can be resold adds an extra layer of motivation for players. It motivates them to acquire rare and valuable items, contributing to a more engaging and competitive gaming environment.

  5. Player-to-Player Sales Implementation:

    • Players not only have the option to sell assets on the central market but can also implement player-to-player sales within their gaming environment. This feature strengthens the social and economic aspects of the game, allowing players to engage in direct negotiations and exchanges.

  6. Diverse Auction Options:

    • In the following sections, you will learn about various auction options available on our platform. From traditional auctions to innovative approaches, understanding these mechanisms allows players to choose the most suitable method for selling their assets.

Reselling owned assets is a key feature that transforms in-game achievements into valuable resources for players. By implementing this system, we aim to create a dynamic and player-focused experience in Web3 games, going beyond traditional gaming paradigms.

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