A leaderboard is a visual representation or a list that ranks individuals, teams, or entities based on certain criteria. It is commonly used in gaming and online competitions, to showcase and compare performance or achievements. The leaderboard displays the top performers at the top of the list, with lower-ranked participants listed below in descending order. It serves as a way to motivate and engage participants by highlighting their progress and encouraging healthy competition.

Leaderboard location

Click on Games tab on top menu > Click Show all games > Select game you are looking for > Click on Leaderboard

Challenge Incoming - if the challenge has not started yet.

This screen shows all challenge information:

  • Challenge status

  • Game you will be participating

  • Map

  • Challenge timeframe

  • Challenge counter

Challenge active - if the challenge has started already.

This screen shows all the above challenge information plus:

  • Best 3 scores - top 3 players

  • Scores from 4 to 10 - top 10 players

  • All players on this challenge

  • Position of the player and also who is in front of him and who is behind him

Please notice the difference!

The score on this leaderboard is the best results of the player from the start to the end of the challenge.

The score that is visible in the game is your highest score ever in the game.

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