Introduction to the Release Notes

The Release Notes section in the documentation contains information about the latest news and introduced changes in our application. It is a place where users can stay updated with the freshest information regarding products, services, and other significant changes in our environment. The purpose of this section is to provide users with easy access to the latest information so they can stay up-to-date with our newest offerings and improvements.

The Release Notes section is regularly updated and includes detailed information about changes and enhancements in our Marketplace and Launcher. Here is a general description of the content that users can find in this section:

  • Marketplace Updates In this part, we provide information about the latest changes, updates, and enhancements in our Marketplace. This may include new features, changes in the user interface, support for additional protocols, auction creation, seller information, or other significant modifications related to our Marketplace platform.

  • Games Launcher Updates This subsection contains detailed information about the introduced changes in our Launcher. It may include updates to the user interface, performance improvements, integrations with new tools or functionalities, expanded customization options, or other significant changes in our Launcher.

  • Metapro Wallet In this subsection, you will find information about the latest changes, updates, and improvements to our cryptocurrency wallet. This includes updates on supported cryptocurrencies, user interface enhancements, security improvements, performance optimizations, integrations with other services, additional features, bug fixes, and other significant modifications related to our cryptocurrency wallet.

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