Developers Portal Panel

Once the app is created we may offer additional options such as analytics tools, marketing resources, and customer support to help developers promote their games and reach a wider audience. The app creation feature is for all: big game studios, independent game developers or small game studios looking to showcase their creations and generate revenue on the marketplace.

By using the "create app" function, users can leverage the marketplace infrastructure and user base to promote and distribute their games. This feature not only simplifies the game registration process but also provides developers with valuable resources and support to help them succeed in the highly competitive gaming industry.

View of a newly created game card.

This is how your dashboard will look like on the Developer Portal now. You have created both a team and an app, and more teams and apps can be added at any time.

If you have more apps/games, they will all be visible in this panel. Released apps are highlighted in green, while apps In development are highlighted in orange.

On this panel you will be able to:

A blockchain is a network of computers that track transactions in their network and generate a giant ledger of who owns what (and how much of it).

After selecting an app, clicking on it will prompt a full menu to appear, offering various options and functions related to the selected app.

In this case app hasn't got any assets assigned yet. If you select Create asset it will move you to our NFT Creator.

On this screen, you can view a full menu that will appear once you click on the app.

This panel allow you to see:

Name of NFT meta assets

Type of NFT meta assets

2D, 3D, Sound

Category of NFT meta assets

Size of NFT meta assets

Status of NFT meta assets

Selected for development, In progress, Implemented

Overall, a developer portal is a critical tool for game developers as it provides them with the resources, tools, and support they need to create high-quality games efficiently and effectively. By leveraging a developer portal, game developers can save time, reduce costs, and improve the overall quality of their games.

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