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Whatโ€™s new in 1.0.0

This section contains information about new features, improvements and fixed issues.

For a complete list of changes made, refer to the changelog.

Release of version 1.0.0 finalizes main development of the metapro plugin functionalities. Further development will extend functionality. Current state of metapro for Unity plugin:


  • Connect Unity game project with metapromarket app

  • Download assets assign to app on metapromarket

  • Availability to choose chain that developer want to use (BNB/BNB Testnet)

  • Allow player to login with crypto wallet (metaprowallet / WalletConnect)

  • Display player NFT tokens that are used in game

Additional Features Packages:

  • SafeTransferFrom - allow player to send its NFTs to other wallet

  • Phoenix - retrieve information from Smart Contract and call transactions to convert NFT tokens into other NFT tokens

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