How to claim Airdrop

To be able to claim Airdrop you will need to follow this steps:

BSC Network only at the moment

1. Open the metapro wallet app.

2. Make sure that the whitelisted wallet address is set up.

3. Scroll down the screen and click on the banner (Join and check button).

4. Click CHECK button.

5. You will receive an information, whether you are eligible or not.

6. If your wallet has been whitelisted, you will be able to claim Airdrop.

7. Make sure you have some $ in BNB to be able to pay network fee.

8. Airdrop sent.

9. Right after claiming you can close this window to go back to wallet.

10. Your Airdrop will be visible in your wallet straight after claiming.


1. Claim function will be available at a certain time (for example between 15/12/22 11:00 AM CET to 16/12/22 11:00 PM CET).

2. After that time you wonโ€™t be able to Claim your Airdrop.

3. Once you claimed your Airdrop your address will be automatically removed from the whitelist.

4. If user is eligible for more than one airdrop at the same time, he will have a list to choose from and MUST select the one he would like to claim.


If you can't see claimed NFT in your wallet please make sure you:

  1. Have the latest wallet version (iOS - 1.5.0, Android 1.4.1)

  2. Refreshed your wallet by swiping screen down

  3. Have uninstalled and reinstalled the wallet at least once

  4. Cleared the memory on your phone (cash)

In some extraordinary cases NFT will arrive within 24 hours

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