Update game on launcher

This is the option on the launcher that allows you to update a downloaded game. This functionality ensures that you have the latest version of the game with bug fixes, improvements, and new content.

When an update is available for a game you have downloaded, the launcher will notify you automatically. You will typically see an indication next to the game's icon.

Selecting the update option initiates the process of downloading and installing the latest update for the game. The launcher will connect to the server and retrieve the necessary files to update the game to its most recent version.

During the update process, you will see a progress bar and percentage indicator indicating the download progress and installation status. The launcher will also provide additional information about the changes included in the update.

Once the update is successfully downloaded and installed, you can launch the game with the latest improvements and changes. These updates can address performance issues, introduce new features, fix bugs, and provide an overall enhanced gaming experience.

The update option on the launcher ensures that you can keep your games up to date easily, without the need to manually search for patches or updates. It simplifies the process of maintaining your games and ensures that you can enjoy the latest enhancements and fixes for an optimal gaming experience.

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