Release 18.07.2023

Update date 18.07.2023

App Name: Metapro Marketplace

What's new:

  • From now, for newly created auctions in the User Marketplace, a link to the blockchain explorer has been added. This link is connected to the transaction for creating a specific auction.

  • The appearance of the asset explorer has been changed, and new filters have been added (similarly to what has already been implemented in the market explorer).

  • When filtering in the asset explorer, we have added the ability to select multiple subcategories.

Bug Fixes:

  • INS auction: Fixed the display of the button in the scenario where the buyer wants to collect their tokens from the smart contract auction on the operator's marketplace, in case the operator has not yet collected the tokens or funds from the contract (the button is disabled and changes its name to "Finalized" after collection by the user).

  • Fixed the display of bid history in the Market Table for the Auction tab of a specific auction. Now, when expanded from the Market Table, we can see the bidders of specific auctions, even if the auction and participants have collected their dues.

  • Corrected the name in the placeholder for the search field.

  • Fixed an issue where when filtering games by navigating through the menu -> games -> category, the page with the selected filter would not open.

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