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NODES which stores data assigned to meta asset.
storageNODES MPRO token flow
MPRO tokens are security for storage-NODES that store protocol data.
100MB of data = XXXX (TBA) MPRO tokens.
A storage-NODE provider places as many MPRO tokens on the stake as it declares the amount of available disk resources to maintain its storage-NODE.
The number of storage-NODES providers is limited and depends on the amount of data in the protocol.
The number of MPROs placed on the stake by the storage-NODE provider determines how many chunks can be stored on its resources and how much of the data the storage-NODE participates in the fee from transactions on the protocol.
Which means that the greater the amount of data in the protocols, the greater the number of MPRO tokens placed on the packets. Thus, the greater the number of transactions on the protocol.