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The direct validators of transactions on the NFT meta asset token and dynamic metadata.
indexNODES - MPRO token flow
IndexNODES participate from the distribution of fees derived from the execution of transactions on NFT meta assets.
Regardless of the form in which the fee is collected in the system, it is automatically swapped to the MPRO token in which the distribution of fees to storage-NODES and index-NODES providers takes place. MPRO Sidechain treasury mechanics: - fees portion from metapro market converted into MPRO tokens via smart contract and send to treasury - MPRO hard cap set, which triggers the daily distribution - if hard cap not reached, it triggers top-up from MPRO reservse treasury
The number of index-NODES licenses is limited, each license after 12 months of operation will become and NFT and will be tradable on secondary market not controlled by the company.